Site and Setting Introduction

This site exists to support my current Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Rather than printing out all of my setting background and data, I figure that it is simply easier to collect it online in an easy to read format.
Visitors who do not happen to be players in the campaign are welcome to view the information, but ought not expect to find the site caters to them in any way. In fact nearly all of the information will be confusing and incomplete. There will be no references to official D&D creature or mechanics as I don’t feel like dealing with the legal hassles. Thus this site will only collect the background story.
The setting is unnamed because I’m boring that way. Short version is that a human civilization grew to atlantean levels of magic and power, then faded. No catastrophe, just a slow dwindling of population and power. Those who live in their ruins are vastly lacking in magic, and extremely sparsely populated. The part of the world looks vaguely similar to Brazil but is most ofthe size of Gondwanaland. In keeping with that paleontologic theme it is loaded with dinosaurs and dragon spawn. Humans are the only mammals in the world, and most scholars do consider that weird. This also meands that 99.999999999% of humanoids don’t exist (no orcs, goblins, elves, dwarves, etc). The story begins six months after one of the ancient’s flying cities mysteriously finds itself repopulated with 46,000 amnesiac ancient’s. They all remember that their civilization supposedly rules the whole world, and they set about restoring themselves to their proper place. No records exist of a city vanishing (and indeed the physical city itself didn’t, it simply fell into disrepair and ruin, but then was suddenly reoccupied and restored), no angels or demons know of any massive block of souls that suddenly vanished from the afterlife, and no divination can provide anything but random and self-contradictory information. The ruler of one of the 13 traditional provinces goes missing, and his son forms the core of the plotline as he possesses one of three flying ships that reappeared with the city. It is rumored that the ship went missing with the father, and the son (Rising Sun) tries very hard to maintain this facade. The players work on the ship while acting as Rising Sun’s personal cohort.

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I'm a gamer. Currently in Star Wars the Old Republic and Fantasy Grounds for D&D. RIP City of Heroes, I'll never forget you. Check out they rock.
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