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Chisel [Ancient – Imperial]
Paragon – Artificer
Voice: ??
Personality: Low-key, often stays out of sight and though not shy doesn’t often participate in conversation unless invited.

Assistant to Diamond, junior of Little Chisel. More like a mage than an artificer. Chisel doesn’t have a specialization as far as crafting goes and enjoys working on anything. He fought against Razorwind and in the raid on the Temple complex. He was given an extremely powerful magical crossbow by Rising Sun as thanks for help banishing a demon and unlocking a warded treasure room. He dresses in long robes and carries a staff.

Darkbetween [Ancient – Imperial]
Paragon – Warlock-Alienist
Voice: Deep, slow
Personality: Enigmatic, flashy, not worried about collateral damage, doesn’t explain himself, easily angered, enjoys overkill

One of Grand Councilor Rend’s close friends and advisors. Darkbetween was critical to the success of the fight against Razorwind as his defenses allowed him to distract the great beast long enough for the whole hunting party to arrive on the scene, and kept the beast enraged so that it did not fight effectively. During the Temple battle he overreacted to being shot by archers and opened a rift into an alternate plane inside the tower they were firing from. This rift remained long after the battle, and was used as a source of power by the ghosts and undead the battle created. He dresses in a black and blue robe that represents the night sky with blue stars instead of white. He carries a staff with a spike on the bottom and a large glowing blue crystal floating above the top tip. He meditates floating in the air with his hands extended infront of him over the staff, which floats horizontally. He is a capable abjurer and warded the hunting party’s camp most nights along with Cerulian with whom he got along rather well. He remembers that he had met the blue dragon of Stone Vale long in the past and after the day of awakening he went to visit her. She remembered having met him before as well. This is currently the only proof that exists outside the flying city that the Ancients have any legitimate history. His attacks are glowing purple energy and he is capable of both dimensional lock and very powerful summonings.

Diamond [Ancient – Imperial]
Epic – Artificer
Voice: Deeper-voiced and older Ash, with a little hint of a joke.
Personality: Reserved, Calm, a little like my friend Chad when he’s being mostly serious

The greatest living artificer, by a large margin. He specializes in working with powerstones, including their creation. He is one of only three artificers ever to live who can move them without permanently rendering them powerless. He fights with a scepter/mace and a heavy crossbow. He has an insane amount of very powerful magical items, including a staff capable of casting Disjunction. While not specifically a golemancer he is capable of stealing control of constructs and summoned creatures from other magic users. He is trusted by Rising Sun and, in fact, Rising Sun came on the Temple raid specifically as a favor to Diamond. He has a homunculus who looks like a little-bitty, grumpy, red-nosed gnome with huge muscles and blue overalls. When last seen, Diamond was leading the powerstone from the temple raid to a site on the Goldenrod/Sandyhome border where three new skyships are under construction so that is can be used to power one of them.
Dolmen [Native – Nightmare’s End]

Paragon – Ranger
Voice: Deep, terse, hard
Personality: Cold, hard, calm, makes decisions fast, takes no gruff from anyone

A tracker from a small village out the back-side of StormHold in Nightmare’s End. Dolmen dresses like a pygmy, complete with dreadlocks, tattoos, shrunken skulls, weapons and scars. He carries an oversized pygmy crossbow, alchemical bolts, pygmy money and leather. The local farmers and townies know of him, but few count him as a friend. Nearly all will lend him a place to stay and/or some food. He is popular with much younger women and has no qualms about taking advantage of that situation. More than his fighting skills, he is known for being hard to kill.

Firebrand [Ancient – Imperial]
Paragon – Soulknife/Pyrokineticist
Voice: Mine, but more excited
Personality: Reckless, Violent, Fun-loving, Jocular

Squire of Scalebane. Fights with an axe that he can enshroud in flame at will. He can also manifest his soulknife as a light lance to fight while mounted. He is an extremely powerful Pyrokineticist with the ability to summon an aura of flame at will. He loves being sent on solo missions and is quite likely to cause a lot of collateral damage, some of it intentionally. Drinking buddy of Winter. He fought against Razorwind and lead an early strike on the outlying defenses of the ruin before the main assault on the Temple complex, his team consisted of himself, Winter, and Ilaureth.

Flare [Native – ??]
Paragon – Sword Sage – Solar Knight
Voice: ??
Personality: ??

Flare is the younger sister of Winter’s master Blaze, and Winter’s rival in several areas. She considers herself a better warrior, a greater example of her family’s traditions, and she feels that Winter is holding her brother back from the greatness he could achieve (most of that particular opinion seems to revolve around a fantasy of her marrying Winter’s brother). Like Winter, she found her way into the forces of the Ancients, though in Flare’s case it was in the service of the Voice of Light. Under his guidance she has taken up the mantle of one of his Solar Knights and is currently in the province of Elwood based out of the Fortress Sombrus where she carries out solo raids against the dragon spawn of Mankiller. She does not yet know that Winter is in Elwood.

Golems, The Three [Construct – God’s Altar]
Paragon / Epic – Construct, Varies
Voice: ?
Personality: Varies, see below

Primo, Secundo and Tertio
These three golems are perhaps the most valuable treasure in the whole world. Their maker is long dead and no one else has ever been able to duplicate his work. They are, for all practical purposes, living beings. There are some constructs that rival or exceed them in power, but none in intellect, without cheating and embedding a summoned entity. They serve as guardians of Nova, though Secundo is also Nova’s primary tool of espionage. In ship-to-ship combat, they are purely defensive. While Nova’s existence is a secret, the existence of these three is a whole order of magnitude more important. The crew would all die via torture before betraying these three.  Two Grand Councilors were told about them with Secundo’s permission: The Consul and the Field Consul. Both agreed to declare the three of them citizens of the empire, and treasures of the Grand Council, which entitles them to all the legal rights the empire can provide a living being, plus the highest level of protection it can offer an inanimate object. Literally, the best of both worlds. As a result, they have contingency spells cast on them such that in the event of near destruction, they will be teleported to the Consul’s quarters (and both the Consul and Field Consul will be notified). Divination against them is lethally warded. Tertio doesn’t understand what these measures mean, Primo thinks they are a kind gesture but not really necessary, and Secundo thinks they are a good start. The three of them are fiercly loyal to Rising Sun’s father, and rather protective of him. Secundo has twice accompanied Rising Sun to the city without being noticed.

Primo was partially inspired by Punch aka Adam Clay from Girl Genius the steampunk comic by Phil and Kaja Foglio. He is a flesh golem created long ago by the greatest master of that art. There were at one time 17 of his golems known as his masterworks, and Primo is normally referred to as "Masterwork Golem #14" making him quite possibly the most advanced golem ever made. While all of the 17 are able to behave like living beings, Primo actually has a soul (confirmed by multiple necromancers and undead, plus a few angels) and his body is capable both of spontaneous healing (very slowly) and being repaired. It is speculated that alone of all the masterwork golems, Primo may in fact be immortal barring only complete disintegration. He was once dismantled and his component’s obliterated, leaving only one hand and a third of his skull–his master rebuilt him and he had lost no memory nor suffered any change in personality for the experience. He can talk, but doesn’t do so very often because while intelligent his speach is very halting and rarely in more than three-word sentences which embarass him. He is infinitely calm and a very skilled swordsman though he prefers to use his hands for combat. In general, he works on the ship as a mechanic and carpenter, though along with his brethren, he is considered Nova’s primary line of defense. He is just over 7-feet tall and extremely broad and muscular. He normally moves slowly, but is faster than most humans and can be as graceful and acrobatic as a panther. His body is covered in scars where he has been repaired and patched over the centuries. His face has been worked on at great expense so that he can pass for human while dressed. But if you see him with his shirt off, you realize that there is no way he could be "alive". Primo is the heart of the trio and is a very kind and normally gentle being. He takes care of the whole crew of Nova and is almost saint-like in his capacity to act selflessly. He has been known to practice sword forms with Leaf and Tertio.

Secundo. Partially inspired by the Iron Maiden monster from the Iron Kingdoms setting. Secundo is a terrifically frightening assassin. She stands 6’8" and is made of silver with a matt finish to minimize reflection. Secundo’s face is extremely beautiful with wide eyes, fine high cheekbones, and full lips that naturally curl slightly upward. She usually conceals all of her face but the eyes behind a veil. Her body has a dancer’s slight build except for a mildly exaggerated hourglass and musculature. Her metal is always comfortably warm when touched, as if the temperature of a living being. Her hands and feet have a strange padding made out of what feels like rubber, but is able to stand up to mithril blades. There are rumors among the crew that she is actually "anatomically correct" based on views of her body during combat and ancient stories from the time of her creation that she was built as an "exact" replica of her maker’s dead wife. Secundo normally wears gray robes and lurks in shadows keeping an eye on Primo and Tertio. She can jump over 200 feet horizontally and 50-feet vertically, move so fast she appears blurred, and the entirety of her insides are full of barbed and hooked chains that she can extend control as if they were tentacles. She can talk but normally only whispers and even that only to the officers and the other golems. She is grim, stern, and over protective. Her ability to sneak and obliterate her targets despite any defenses she’s encountered, combined with the fact that apparently 14 out of the 17 masterpieces are destroyed has convinced her that the world is too dangerous for Primo and Tertio. She is probably the most skilled assassin living and has killed 4 Grand Councilors (one of them in the council hall itself), one Fey prince, and Maurgin’s seneschal in her millennia-long career. She does sometimes leave the ship, and it is speculated that she can teleport and perform magic, though even the captain can’t confirm this. Officially, she is "Masterwork Golem #1" and by all rights should be the simplest and least advanced of them all, but she isn’t. She tracked down Primo and Tertio and gathered them into a "family", and she made the deal with Rising Sun’s father for the three of them to guard the ship in return for protection, safe harbor, and the promise to keep their existence a secret from the world.

Tertio. Tertio is the most obviously dangerous of the three. He stands 14-feet tall and is made of spiked and pitted iron blocks. He carries a massive falchion that is oversized even for him. Tertio has no facial features except his glowing yellow eyes. His voice is a rasping and grinding sound that many people think causes him pain but he insists it doesn’t. It very much sounds like something inside him is ripping. He doesn’t talk much, but at night when most of the humans are sleeping, he goes on deck and sings softly to himself. Tertio was "Masterwork Golem #7" but in many ways is simpler and more crude than his predecessors. His maker said that he was created as a "palate cleanser, much like a cook will often test their skill on the simplest and most minimal dish". Tertio’s body is a single block of iron, carved into shape. In battle, he is a berserker and generates a yellow aura and screams when he rages. The crew don’t like to talk about it, but back in a battle in God’s Altar they saw him leap off the ship and dive through a stone wall to get at some lizardmen archers. He is said to have jumped over the heads of two ranks of fighters, plus traveled more than 30 feet horizontally to reach the tower and he did it without a running start. He has been seen in the crow’s nest, but Rising Sun has ordered him to stay off the masts and rigging due to the potential for damage his weight can cause. That said, Tertio is a gentle being outside of combat and honestly enjoys hauling large and heavy objects around. He amuses himself when bored by rearranging the cargo hold. Primo and Secundo are both very intelligent, above the level of most humans. Tertio is not. He is a very simple being, easily confused or duped. Taking advantage of him is lethally unwise because Secundo is very, very protective of him. Tertio likes sparring with the crew and teaching them sword fighting tricks. He enjoys learning new ones even more, but as old and skilled as he is, it’s very rare that someone knows anything he hasn’t seen. He has been known to practice forms with Leaf and Primo.

Hauk [Ancient – ??]
Heroic – Psionic Warrior – Fist of Zuokan
Voice: ??
Personality: ?? Based on Weapon master from Paksennarion

He is Radiance’s mercenary army’s weapons master and primary trainer. He is the last surviving member of his warrior tradition, and decidedly not a master of its inner secrets. He is currently searching for masters of unarmed combat who have greater potential than his own, whom he can train in the basics and turn loose to recreate his school. Hauk came with Radiance for her duel against Leaf and acted as her second. He had been at Rend and Stonehammer’s celebration but was not seen by the party, presumably he was over with the soldiers and not the officers.

Ilareth [Ancient – Imperial – Ghost]
Paragon – Psionicist – Eidolon
Voice: ??
Personality: Flatterer, Opportunist

Ilareth is quite an enigma. She was murdered very shortly after the Awakening, yet continues to run her antiquities shop in the city of Rising Sun with her still living partner. She is on retainer with Rising Sun (the Grand Councilor of Gods’ Altar), and currently on assignment in his province with Jek Garg and Stone Tooth spying on the ghosts and lizardmen while looking for Rising Sun’s father. She can be very diplomatic, but often slips into extreme flattery as a quick means of manipulating circumstances to her favor. She is looking for a location to establish a remote base of operations for her expeditions into ruins. In combat she is extremely flexible in her tactics, sometimes charging into melee, sometimes hanging back as artillery, sometimes purely acting in defensive support. Known abilities include dimension door, flight, object reading, and the ability to see visions of the past events at a given location.

Iron Scorpion [Ancient – Quick]
Paragon – Psionic Warrior
Voice: Quick, precise
Personality: Pompous, flashy, serious, rigid

Lord Rend’s primary military commander for Quick and the lord of Apple Post. He first appeared at Lord Rend and Stonehammer’s celebration. Wore dress armor. Did not impress any of the heroes. Lead Rend’s troops on second attack of the temple, did a solid job and showed that he is indeed competent, even at diplomacy, though his style rankles some in the party. He is a fan of Toxin and has served under him before. Placed Night Song in charge of the temple and returned to Apple Post. Stonehammer has made it clear that he would prefer someone other than Iron Scorpion to lead the battles against the northern warlord and his allies. His officers seem to be a combination of schemers and yes-men who mostly have similar opinions as he himself. Though his seneschal/castellan stands out as very competent, honest, and loyal.

Lady Teal [Ancient – Quick]
Heroic – Noble – Psion
Voice: Soft, feminine, medium-tone
Personality: Rip-off of Lady Teldra from the Taltos novels.

Stonehammer’s butler and head of household. Mind-numbingly subtle and perceptive. She spends all of her time making sure everyone else is happy, content, and not embarrassed. She can hide almost anything and defuse any situation in seconds. Beloved by all who meet her. During the party she even managed to make friends with Winter.

Little Chisel [Ancient – Imperial]
Paragon – Artificer
Voice: Deep, laughing
Personality: Brash, Helpful, Willing

One of the premier weapon and armor enchanters in the world, and for certain the best the Ancients have. There are better smiths, but no better enchanters. He and Ilareth flirted a fair bit, though nothing ever came of it. At Rend’s request, he made gifts for the heroes to reward them for helping hunt Razorwind. He is 6’4 and built like a fighter. He fights with a staff and is quite dangerous in melee. Not one to hang back from danger, he often leads Diamond’s assistants and golems in combat. He remained in the ruined temple with Chisel when Diamond left with the powerstone.

Night Song [Native – Quick]
Heroic – Fighter
Voice: ??
Personality: ??

The acting Warchief of the Otoku Tribe in Quick and their greatest warrior. Lead Otuko Clan warriors in the second assault of the temple, was placed in command of the city by Iron Scorpion to act as Stone Hammer’s Regent. Did not come to hunt Razorwind, nor on the first temple assault as both of those tasks were the sole province of Otuko’s Honor. In the second temple battle, he was in command of the Native forces, and stood down both the Owl Warriors and the Hunter Tribe when they arrived with superior numbers on their side. He was last seen in command of the ruin, and with the possibility of becoming the commander of its defense force. Well respected by the heroes.

Nightbow [Ancient – Elwood]
Paragon – Ranger – Psionic Warrior
Voice: Calm, medium-tone
Personality: Cautious about starting a conflict, vicious and relentless once engaged

Nightbow is one of Prey Chaser’s officers and was put in command of the effort to defeat the Silver Knights assaulting the northern cities of the Coral Kingdom. His 5 men were unable to arrive at a fight in time to even engage the enemy for most of a month. When the heroes arrive he had recruited several extra locals and altered his plan so that his men and informants were scattered, while he and the heroes would wait in a central location. When an attack started he would open a door through The Dark and they would get there, hopefully in time. In the event, they arrived in time to see a woman being killed, and they fought and defeated 5 of the invisible enemies. The counter attack against the Knights cloud-home is still underway.

Otuko’s Honor [Native – Quick]
Heroic – Barbarian – Fighter
Voice: Old, wise, calm
Personality: Inspired by my friend Okachi from Nigeria. Fearless, responsible, perceptive, fast to act

Otuko’s Honor surrendered his name and personal history after Razorwind destroyed his tribe’s warriors. He took up the mantle of his tribe’s redemption and lived that life impeccably. When Stone Hammer and Rend went to hunt Razorwind, Otuko’s Honor went with them, even though he was old and by far not the best warrior in his tribe. He was, however, their most respected. In the fight, he was never felled and drew blood from the great beast. He left his enchanted spear stuck in the creature’s neck after it was killed. He re-armed himself with a cursed axe taken from the tieflings who his tribe had warred with for generations and in the first temple battle killed the second highest ranked priest in single combat, then raged for the first time in 15 years and charged into the main fight on the large ziggurat steps. His rage nearly got him killed several times nevertheless he ended up carving a path around the north flank of the temple before the fight ended. Blessed with extraordinary luck and the wisdom and quick thinking to take advantage of every opportunity presented, he is one of the heroes’ favorite allies. Stone Hammer and Rend gave him and his tribe a great celebratory feast after the temple battle, making him the most famous warrior of his tribe in over 20 generations.

Potato [Native – Quick]
Heroic – Commoner – Fighter
Voice: Old Crone
Personality: Blunt, Upfront, Challenging, Fearless

Elder of the Otuko tribe, her family are one of the only sources in the world for distilled alcohol (they make something remarkably like vodka, but “only” 80-90 proof). She loves poking people, standing too close for their personal comfort, and staring people in the eye while frowning at them silently until they feel uncomfortable. She has been seen poking both Stone Hammer and Rend in the chest while arguing with them. She is at least 100, but no one is completely sure as the Otuko tribe do not track age of individuals. Her back gives her problems and she is quite bent. Either Night Song or Otuko’s Honor accompany her everywhere she goes, but this is mostly for show as she is so beloved by her tribe that no one can imagine hurting her. Mostly they’re just there incase she needs a hand getting up some steps or to carry items for her.

Radiance [Ancient – Stone Vale]
Paragon – Psionic Warrior – Warmind (10)
Voice: Calm, light
Personality: Cheerful, sly

Met party at Rend and Stonehammer’s celebration, danced with Leaf and agreed to duel him. In the duel he performed very poorly and she slowly wore him down. Did not display any of her top-tier powers but spoke of them after the duel. Both agreed to put aside their weapons for the duel, this hurt Leaf more than her as his is a class ability, and more powerful than hers, but his has burst powers and hers is a wounding soulbreaker so neither was appropriate for use in a friendly duel. Radiance has displayed powers that come directly from the dragons and mentioned that her tradition (warminds) are traditionally the guardians of the city of Perch where the Blue dragon lives from time to time. Jek was very interested in this. Her school seems to be no longer extant, she and one other were the only ones in Rising Sun on the day of awakening. She has been chosen by Stone Hammer to lead a stealth raid into the north to try and provoke the warlord. Depending on how well she handles this will determine if she and her mercenary troupe are hired full-time.

Silver Palm [Ancient – Quick, Imperial]
Heroic – Noble-Wizard
Voice: ??
Personality: Greedy, Slick, Self-Serving, Charismatic

A slave trader who came to the hunt for Razorwind in the hopes of securing favor with Stone Hammer. He fought reasonably well, but made few friends. Snow hired away four of his caravan guards from his service, but they died in the second temple raid. He has not been seen since the day after the big celebration.

Sir Scalebane [Ancient – Imperial]
Epic – Psionic Warrior – ??
Voice: King Gregor from Gummi Bears TV Show
Personality: Relaxed, Content, Selfless

A close friend of Grand Councilor Rend, he came on the hunt for Razorwind just as an act of friendship and because it sounded fun. His name comes from the act of killing a Spineosaurus in single-combat. During the temple assault he held the gate single-handedly against swarms of tieflings and half-demons, as well as their re-animated corpses later into the battle. Toward the end, he lead the second charge that broke the forces holding the ziggurat. After the celebration, he returned to Rising Sun with Rend and his squire.

Squall [Native – Coral Kingdom]
Paragon – Ranger – Monster Slayer
Voice: Pirate
Personality: Reckless, lush, impatient, Winter-lite

Hired by Nightbow to aid in the fight against the Silver Knights, Squall is a reknowned hunter from the northern part of the Coral Kingdom. He has hunted inside the Elven Wood, and is specifically trained to fight invisible enemies. He wields hand axes, can survive an extreme beating without complaining, and brings his own oversized beer-stein with him at all times.

Stone Hammer [Ancient – Quick]
Epic – Psionic Warrior – Fighter??
Voice: ??
Personality: Boisterous, Flashy, Happy

The nigh-indestructible second-in-command of Quick. He is currently in charge of the whole province as Rend is spending nearly all of his time in Rising Sun and Stone Hammer is actually in Quick. His primary task has been to crush the Warlord in the north who is seeking to establish his own kingdom. Stone Hammer is much more of a diplomat than he appears, though all his best political maneuvering happens via action rather than word. Instead of making deals, he takes powerfully symbolic actions. Examples include allying with the weakest but most respected and trusted tribe in all of Quick (Otuko’s Tribe) and killing Razorwind as a show of power. In the fight with Razorwind he displayed just how indestructible he is when he survived a critical hit from the great beast’s tail. He also landed the killing blow personally. In the temple assault, he took point and held the stairs of the ziggurat by himself until Otuko’s Honor and Sir Scalebane charged in with reinforcements. He is light hearted, easy to get along with, and almost never lets you talk about serious or weighty issues. He will keep an eye on those issues and help you overcome them however.

Stone Tooth [Native – Elwood (Glade)]
Paragon – Druid
Voice: Russian
Personality: Feral, controlled

One of the shapeshifters from Elwood, Stone Tooth approached Prey Chaser and requested that she help him meet the lizardmen and ghosts face to face. She sent him to Rising Sun (the person) and the three struck a deal such that Rising Sun would send his people (the heroes) to assist Prey Chaser in Elwood and Stone Tooth would be sent to God’s Altar with Jek and Ilareth as long as he agreed to try and find Rising Sun’s missing father while he was there. He told the heroes the story of Mankiller and the dragons of Elwood before they parted ways as described.


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