Silver Knights – Elwood – Dec 20

Recap and a New Character

The second session covering the adventures against the Silver Knights in the northern-most part of the Coral Kingdom. To recap, since this is the first session actually written out, Prey Chaser sent the party north to defeat the invisible fey attacking the villages in the far north. These fey had been undefeated for many months and the defenders of the kingdom were very low on morale. Prey Chaser didn’t care about actually stopping the attacks, though that would be a great boon, what she wanted was a victory, a symbolic proof of her power where the kingdom’s own defenses failed and something to reassure the people of the north that these enemies were not invincible. In the previous session, the party traveled through the Dark to the town of Birchbrew where they met Prey Chaser’s team. Led by the ranger Night Bow, and including the Redeemed warlock Moon Circle, and an ex-pirate named Squall. The party took a second twilight road to the site of an attack and there fought 5 of the invisible warriors. Leaf disarmed one, but learned that their weapons crumble to dust when they die. One of the warriors was 12-feet tall, the others were human-sized and wore beautiful silver armor, but were only visible when they died. Toward the end of the fight, Moon Circle discovered that they had used magic to become incorporeal and to counter see invisible. Once he dispelled those effects, the knights were swiftly defeated. The party discovered they came from a forest hidden in a cloud, and flew up to investigate. There they discovered two sites of interest: An unnaturally dark grove of trees, and a hill. The area was also teeming with winged, green dragon spawn. They assaulted the grove and found the lair of some kind of creature linked to darkness made from webbing and holding engraved plates made from obsidian. Snow discovered that the stone was not native to the prime plane, but instead had been quarried in The Dark. End of the recap.

First, this session involved one piece of retro-active revisionism: A new player was introduced, Spoon the Ancient Pirate. Her background states that she is crew on Sunrise’s skyship Nova. Her skillset suggests that she is one of the leaders of ship-to-ship combat, especially boarding actions. She fights with two swords and uses fire powers. The revision simply states that she joined the party on the way to Rising Sun. Jek and Ilareth left with Stone Tooth to go to God’s Altar, so Sunrise asked Spoon to join the party. Nova is plenty safe, between its stealth and the sentient golems Primo, Secundo, and Tertio, so taking such a powerful warrior away from its defenses is not a crippling move. She was therefore present when meeting Prey Chaser, and during the events in the recap. Poof-done.

Actual Story of the Session

The party fanned out, letting Night Bow, Squall, and the bralani scout ahead to keep the main group away from enemies and out of combat. There was another strafing from some dragon spawn, but again, no one was hurt but the spawn involved. Night Bow spotted a cave, and a domesticated dragon spawn, so he led the party to a copse of trees and showed them from safety. The cave was 10-feet wide and 12 tall, clearly artificial with a stone door sealing off the passage. Just outside the cave mouth was  a small pond from which the drake was drinking. This particular beastie was about 9-feet long, had six legs like a basilisk, a small frill like a triceratops, and 4 tentacles sprouting off its back ending in what looked like scorpion stingers. It was a vibrant green and wearing a gem-studded collar. Night Bow and Spoon both recognized it as an Emerald Spawn Jungle Lord, a "super-predator" meaning a carnivore that preferred to hunt other carnivores rather than herbivores. They were occasionally captured and used as war beasts, but were so violent that only other dragon spawn did this with any regularity.

Spoon started the attack by bursting into flame and leaping over 140-feet to land behind the beast while it drank from the pond. Her sword exploded into flames and she struck is solidly in the right flank. Winter, Squall and Leaf charged but didn’t connect because it was too far away. Night Bow advanced and fired, but did little damage. Moon Circle advanced and fired off an eldritch blast, but missed. Snow’s army advanced but little happened. The creature lashed out at all its attackers hitting everyone with its tentacles. Its claws flashed white and it struck at Squall, who was unlucky enough to be standing in front of it, tearing into him and right through his armor as if it wasn’t there. Then two of the invisible knights struck with surprise, one against Squall whose blind fighting saved him, and one at Spoon who burst into a fountain of blood, warning her allies that she was under assault. Night Bow had held back his golem for just this occasion and it charged forward sweeping a large area with its axe and knocking the knight who struck Squall prone. Spoon lashed out against the Jungle Lord again, but the thing’s tentacles prevented a solid blow. Leaf tumbled under it and same up on the other side unloading a series of blows in all directions, while activating his magical bracers to grant blind sight. He struck the silver knight savaging Spoon, allowing Moon Circle to determine where it was located. The Warlock dispelled its protection from see invisible and both he and Leaf were able to spot it. Squall and the golem tried to attack the second, but were unable to damage it due to incorporeality, but did manage to keep it prone. The rest of the group laid into the Jungle Lord and slew it before it could attack a second time. The now merely invisible knight shifted away from Leaf and Spoon, then cursed her with pain. Spoon responded by teleporting behind it and lashing out with her swords, but without cold iron was unable to harm them. Her shortsword pumped alchemical fire over the knight, revealing it to the party and showing that they were unable to reflect non-magical fire damage. Squall and the golem killed the prone knight and Leaf impaled the burning one. Snow identified the magic on the fey knights as abjuration before they crumbled and faded away. After several minutes on guard they realized no more invisible enemies were about, and moved to examine the door.

The door was plain gray stone with no markings but a weak magical ward. The golem and Winter both struck it after Moon Circle suppressed the ward. They opened a smaller hole than they hoped, but determined the door was seven inches thick. Squall tossed a sunrod through the hole and Winter spotted a lever on the inside. Snow sent her bralani through the hole in whirlwind form, then he solidified and opened the door. Inside was a long hall extending into darkness with a faint blue glow in the distance, and two side doors, both plain stone like the entrance. The one on the left was sealed, the one on the right was shattered, and a long pool of water lay beyond. Winter and Leaf advanced to the intersection. The pool was very long and had an altar at the far end shrouded in the same black webs from the grove. A tall statue of a faceless black pixie loomed over it and two silver goblets contained something glowing orange illuminating the webs from within. Leaf spotted a concealed lever to open the other door, revealing a symmetrical room with 3 alcoves and an obelisk. The obelisk was protected with a symbol of pain that triggered against him dropping him to his knees and causing him to cry out. In response, two large drakes lept from the darkness near the blue glow and attacked.

No one had ever seen anything like these. They had 8 legs and a preying-mantis-like claws mounted on their backs. A row of five stegadon-like back plates glowed a faint green and seemed to be generating a shield of some kind around them. The first struck Leaf twice with its back claws and dragged him under its body where it began to tumble him over and over using its central 4 legs. Winter spin and smashed it in the head causing it to hiss and recoil, the rest of the party attacked but were unable to hurt it. It fled along the wall and around a corner as Snow’s lantern archon flew past and shielded Leaf with a blessing. The second ran along the wall past Winter and lept at Moon Circle trying to grapple him, but thanks to the archon’s ward he was able to avoid the grasping claws. Spoon leapt over it and smashed it from behind. The rest of the party unloaded on it, but most attacks were stopped by its shield. Around the corner, Leaf taunted the injured drake saying that he was about to kill it, and demonstrated this by managing to stab it. It hissed back calling him food, but the lantern archon blasted it solidly and it pitched off the wall, pinning leaf under it as it gurgled and died. Winter spun and crushed the spine of the second and the group advanced into the area before the faint blue glow to see if Leaf was alive. As they clustered around and Snow and Leaf suggested investigating the side passages, the faintly glowing wall spilled like water onto the floor, revealing a huge hall. Opposite the party was a raised platform with a tall armored dragon spawn wielding a shield and a rod, flanked by two of the smaller spell-casting fell drakes they had fought at the grove. Spoon and Snow saw a small figure, exactly like the statue by the pool vanish into a wall of fog behind the dragon spawn. The spawn’s rod was made of adamantite (as Leaf noticed) with a large black crystal floating in the air above it, sending sparks of green energy down into the purple shaft. The spawn smiled toothily at them, and we ended for the evening.


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