Named for “life” rather than “speed”. This province is a mixture of forest and thick jungle over low hills. Rivers wind through the valleys and there are several lakes. Many of the largest dinosaurs are found here, and the waterways are shallow enough to discourage sea devil incursions but deep enough for good trout, salmon, and bass fishing. The native tribes here are very mystical, and very likely to have ties to astral entities both high and low. Many warrior lodges trace their origins to heroes from this province. The area has a rather large population as it is easy to settle and travel. The local tribes are very likely to have multiple villages, the most powerful tribe has 9 villages, and controls 4 others. Their council is dominated by one warrior who is setting himself up to be a warlord ruling the whole province. The Grand Councilor, Rend, chose not to even negotiate with him at all, and instead constructed his first estate adjacent to a much smaller tribe (only 3 villages) that was respected widely for its honor.

Thus far, Quick has been spared the ravages of the wars. It is on the "safe" side of Crocodile and the Imperial Province, so lizardman and sea devil incursions are very rare and small. Grand Councilor Rend is working very hard to keep the larger conflicts at bay while he turns Quick into a powerhouse for the empire. He has Twilight’s full support in this since Quick has a massive population and very fertile lands making it one of the most valuable provinces of them all.

Neither the demon cult nor the Golden Path seem to have much presence here. However, Quick is famous for its warrior lodges, many of whom draw on lower astral entities for power and inspiration. The foremost of these are known as the Owl Warriors. They wear armor made to look like an owl and fight with dual clawed maces. Their "wings" are reinforced and work like twin bucklers. They also have clawed foot guards and they are trained to fight with all four while still blocking with their wings. Like their namesake they are stealthy, and highly mobile hunters. Other warrior lodges include the Silver Sword undead hunters, a tradition of paladins linked to the Glowroot tribe, Dark Hunters swordsmen who are rumored to have allied with demons, and the Howling Axemen a very powerful lodge politically who specialize in the epsilon axe and diplomacy. The Axemen are the only local lodge with members in other provinces and they are found quite widely dispersed.

In general, the locals are taking a wait and see approach to the ancients. On the one hand, they have heard stories of what is happening just across the border in Crocodile, but so far they remain just stories. On the other, they have the Silver Swords and their warlord to deal with, so if the ancients can prove themselves, the local tribes might just sign on willingly. Already the ancients have slain Razorwind, the most deadly beast in the province, and allied with Otuko’s tribe, the most respected. So most are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and treat them with respect. But Stone Hammer and Rend are very aware that should they screw up, it will reflect very poorly on the Otuko clan for having backed them.

Major Exports: Livestock (Riding Raptors, Pythons, Moas, Smaller Herd Dinosaurs), Grains, Tin, Nickel, Gemstones (Quartz, Opal, Topaz, Malachite, Amethyst), Lumber, Ale, Wine



Lakeview (Ancient) Capital Estate, 80 ancients, 240 natives, Otuko tribe. This unassuming estate is the most modest of all capitals (not counting Fire Heart’s own estate). It is just three buildings on the edge of a lake, with a small native village nearby. Stone Hammer rules from here, and is slowly building alliances against the warlord, whom neither he nor Rend has made any attempt to contact.

Deepwood (Native, Otuko) 320. This small village is the hunting and warrior proving grounds of the Otuko tribe. At the moment they are particularly low on warriors, the tribe having nearly been wiped out by a local monster just a few years back. As a result, there are a great many, highly motivated younger than usual hunters looking to prove their worth. The village herds dinosaurs and moas, and hunts for leather and meat which they trade.

Smallcliff (Native, Otuko) 540. This is the population center of the Otuko tribe. They grow grains and ferment them into Ale. They are also the province’s only source of potatoes, a crop they guard viciously against all invaders and will not trade (due to the ease of growing them). Thus being invited to an Otuko feast is rather something of a treat for the locals. And, one of their farmers has a technique to concentrate fermented potato ale, making the strongest drink known in the province.

Graveyard (Native, Mortician) 900. Despite the morbid name of both the clan and the city, this is actually a rather lively place. At one time it was the center of an Ancient cult that exposed their dead before cremating the bones. This practice is still carried out, and the sacred fires in which the bones are burned are famous for not producing any smoke. In fact the whole tribe are known for preparing wood and fires that can be lit indoors without blackening the roof.

Fort Nickel (Native, Silver Sword) 1,300. The largest settlement in the province, and the capital of the warlord’s territory. They have several mines that produce nickel, and silver and copper. Their adepts have a technique for plating the nickel and silver onto a copper blade so that it is effective against supernatural threats, and is unique and beautiful to behold. The tribe is named after this technique, which has been passed down since the days of the ancients. Their local warrior lodge teaches a technique to draw on this igniting the blade with a silver fire that won’t cause a structure to ignite, but will consume a living (or undead) body. The warriors carry spears and swords of alchemical silver and wear feathered cloaks of a deep blue with silver trim. They control three powerstones between their 13 villages. And have twice raided Lantern, looking for a fourth.

Lantern (Native, Glowroot) 800. The afore mentioned victim of Silver Sword raids, lantern is not the Glowroot capital, but it is their largest village. They grow a unique parasitic vine on the nearby trees that has nodules full of a thick corrosive oil. When properly prepared the oil loses its corrosiveness but becomes flammable instead. This oil is used in alchemist’s fire, explosive spearheads and arrows, and more mundane lanterns and cooking stoves. The vine glows faintly on days of the full moon, and is exceedingly difficult to cultivate. A few other villages have one or two vines, but only this village has enough to produce significant amounts of oil.

Apple Post (Ancient) 900. A trade post and military training station just over the border from the imperial province. Apple Post is working to improve the road between itself and Lakeview but is running into conflict with some of the local tribes who aren’t so keen on having the ancients take control of their lands. None of them are strong enough to risk open warfare, but they sabotage the road crews and ambush lone travelers and workers. It’s enough to keep the progress hamstrung while Rend splits his forces. He does, however, use the opportunity to give his native recruits field experience against a cunning foe. This fort is commanded by Iron Scorpion, the general of the Province’s armed forces.

Phoenix (Ancient) 900. Still mostly a ruin, this city was cleansed of a demon cult by Rend and Stone Hammer (in person) only recently. The city’s powerstone was taken away to be mounted into a skyship. The city was then split between the Otuko and Hunter tribes as both aided in the cleansing. Stone Hammer has not yet decided who will be in command of the city, in the short term, the Otuko Clan War Chief named Night Song is acting commander. The ruin is still undergoing repairs, but already the Owl Warriors have built a lodge off the Zocalo in an old temple, so the town is certain to grow in the future.


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