Silver Knights – Elwood – Dec 26

Following last week’s adventure the party was surprised by the Greenspawn and his two smaller drakes. One of the drakes had sent a scrying sensor into the midst of the party and was watching the earlier battles inside the hill complex. As the doors opened, it cast a very complex spell through the sensor, hitting everyone for negligible damage, outlining everyone but Moon Circle (who was protected with spell resistance) with flames showing their auras and making them easier to hit, and last leaving many of them with flashing spots in their vision. Immediately following that, the Greenspawn hit the party with a mass confusion effect turning the party against each other.

Spoon immediately stopped Nightbow from opening fire on Moon Circle, Leaf knocked Moon Circle out cold with the flat of his blade, Snow’s entourage scattered, and Winter ran away. Then a group of the Silver Knights attacked from several directions. Two of them revealing that they had been behind the party during at least the fight against the preying-mantis-clawed drakes, though they had not interfered at that time.

Spoon realized that Nightbow was drooling, not fighting back, so she took the fight to the dragon spawn by leaping over Nightbow’s golem, swinging on the door frame into the dragon spawn’s room and flipping over the fight between the little drakes and Snow’s entourage to land adjacent to the larger threat whom she viciously struck with an incredible display of her fiery powers. It reeled back and tried to strike her with a twisted healing power the green static bolts arcing from the crystal atop his weapon towards her, but Snow protected her placing a white barrier between Spoon and the bolts. Leaf entered the chamber and spitted one of the little drakes. Squall charged the second, but was promptly attacked by one of the silver knights and began spurting blood. Snow herself was struck from behind by one and also began spouting blood as well. Winter stopped running, came back and attacked the spot she thought it was attacking Snow from, but only managed to put a hole in the flagstones.

Spoon struck rapidly at the dragon spawn forcing him back, he tried to pass his damage to her magically those wicked green bolts again reaching for her, but Snow again managed to get a barrier up in time preventing him from succeeding. Leaf was almost blind-sided by a large Silver Knight, but his blind fighting training warned him of the danger, he countered with a series of blows and used his magical bracers that allow him to see invisible enemies, taking away his enemies primary advantage. Squall and his two enemies battled supported by Snow’s entourage. One of her angels teleported away in fear as a result of the confusion it suffered. Nightbow recovered with magical help from Snow and he directed his golem to use wide, sweeping blows to find the invisible enemy, which it did, pummeling it viciously; but the knight didn’t go down, instead it slipped away and attacked Nightbow from an unknown position. Another of the larger Knights hammered the golem knocking it forward and nearly off its feet. Moon Circle chose that moment to recover, stood up and realized that he could see the two Knights. He used his magical powers to blast both of them at once illuminating them temporarily. Winter used that brief view to target the larger one and she knocked it prone. Snow then struck at it with her sword denting its leg armor. Nightbow took the same opportunity to fell his enemy with an arrow enchanted specifically to kill fey.

Spoon lept over the greenspawn’s head and it spun to follow her, but wasn’t fast enough. Landing behind him she struck it solidly in the shoulder breaking bone. As it staggered back the little fey Snow and Winter had seen just as the barrier dropped stepped out of the fog and put a short sword into the dragon spawn’s left kidney, then twisted it in the wound. When the brute dropped, the fey ordered all the Knights to stand down. Leaf saw his enemy back away and sheath its sword but keep its shield at the ready. Moon Circle saw the prone Knight rise, bow to Winter and Nightbow (who couldn’t see it) then do the same (sheath its sword but hold its shield ready).

The party then gathered at the base of the steps near the little Fey confronting it. The surviving little drake took up a position guarding the fallen dragon spawn, and Spoon quickly looted his mace.

The fey explained that the dragon spawn had to release him from its mental control when it assaulted the party, and the party immediately began debating if they wanted to kill him or let him live. He then pointed out that the dragon spawn was the only thing holding the flying forest into the material world, and Moon Circle and Snow swiftly realized that it was drifting back into The Dark and they might be trapped if they stayed. Most of them fled at that point, but Snow remained behind to ask two questions. She learned that the greenspawn did serve Glorath and that it intended to replace the Silver Knights with the party since they had proven more powerful than the Knights, this angered the fey who was lord over the Knights. The second was that the greenspawn served a drake that was very nearly a dragon itself, and who had very likely been using those little drakes with divination powers to spy on the party, or if he had not previously, he certainly would now that his servant was dead. Snow then caught up to the party and looted the large hunting drake’s collar (the one by the pool than Spoon butchered in last week’s session). Everyone then flew up off the cloud and watched it darken as if becoming a storm cloud, then "break apart" as it crossed over into The Dark.

Leaf and Snow plummeted to the ground and arrived first. Almost immediately a Silver Knight appeared near Leaf and politely offered him its sword. Leaf took it and the handle and sheath became visible with an effect like sand pouring into an hourglass, though the blade remained invisible. The Knight then bowed silently and vanished as if breaking up into dust like they did after death. The group gathered and Leaf showed off his sword. Nightbow and Moon Circle speculated that the Knights felt he had earned it when he disarmed one of them in the earlier battle. Then Squall, Spoon, and Winter decided that it was time to get drunk in celebration and the group headed off to the inn.

End of the Silver Knights, mini adventure.


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