Specific Dragons

The lizardmen are aware of more dragons than any other race, but even they know that they do not know all of them. Only five regularly have dealings with the lizardmen (Kash’aa Ree, Sahas’ralee, Dral’Lor, Liraszzsh, Tyla’im), the rest either live far away, or are isolationist. Of all the dragons, two are considered evil, but not unforgivably so, a third is unforgivable. The first two are Maurgin and Tyla’im. Lizardmen will not obey them, and will defend themselves against one, but would not provoke combat without a warlock’s permission. The third, Jet, is considered an abomination to be killed if at all possible.

Humans, except for the rare scholar, only know of three dragons (Maurgin, Liraszzsh, and Kash’aa Ree), and have peaceful interactions only with one. They believe that all dragon spawn, including lizardmen, worship the dragons that created them. Maurgin is seen as the god of destruction, Liraszzsh the goddess of magic, and Kash’aa Ree the creator of life. Liraszzsh has a village in Stone Vale were humans and dragon spawn live in peace, named perch. From there her teachings have spread throughout the world. She is not particularly good natured, nor peaceful, but humans have had peaceful dealings with her more often than violent dealings. Humans are very likely to mistake a dragon spawn that is particularly draconic for an actual dragon. This is particularly common with the spawn of Maurgin and Tyla’im. Until the ancients returned there had been no humans for over 3,000 years who had heard the name Jet. To most humans, even scholars, the name is meaningless.

All dragons have created offspring collectively referred to as spawn or dragon spawn or drakes. While these are appreciated for their beauty, they are not held in any particular esteem, even if their form is outwardly identical to that of a dragon. Some of the spawn, especially those descended from the evil dragons, are hunted whenever they are found.

Time is broken into three ages by the lizardmen. In the era of creation, Ka and the gods populated the world. Maurgin and Ka gave birth to the many dragons. One of their children, Jet, became a student of death and entropy and contacted sentient powers of nullity. She slew one of Kash’aa Ree’s mates and animated it as a sentient undead just to see if she could. This act officially ended the first era. The second began with the first dragon war. This was “everyone vs Jet” officially, but in practice it was Maurgin vs Jet. She was defeated and sealed away from the world because Liraszzsh mentioned that killing her would simply unleash her on the whole universe as a blight even worse that she was in her incarnate form. None of them knew how to break her power, so they locked her up. After the war, all of the dragons experimented with the creation of spawn of their own. Previously only Jet, Ka and Maurgin had created any. This period of experimentation ended when Maurgin declared himself Lord of the Scales and demanded all other dragons serve him or die. The second dragon war, also called Maurgin’s War was fairly brutal and many dragons died in it. Maurgin originally had 3 allied dragons. One died in battle with Ka, one fled into The Dark, one swam across the oceans. Maurgin’s war never officially ended, but it is understood to be in a cease fire as of the time his last two allies vanished and he spared Sahas’ralee’s life in return for a temporary end to the conflict. The third, current, draconic era consists of the 9,000 or so years since that event. Some dragon spawn scholars and lizardman warlocks debate whether or not to consider Sahas’ralee’s invasion of the human lands the beginning of a 4th era, but as of yet, most dragons are not involved so it does not seem to be important enough to merit such distinction.

A fuller description is found in the lizardman racial writeup, but a quick note on the useage of the term warlock with regard to lizardmen and dragons is appropriate here. Lizardmen call anyone who casts any form of spell at all a shaman. They think it is funny that humans differentiate between "styles" of spell casting and put such importance on names of traditions and clumps of specific powers. So a shaman might be any character class that allows spell casting, or even one that doesn’t but has a few spells via feats or some other mechanic. Any shaman that leaves civilization and lives with the dragons instead of with other lizardmen is called a warlock. They are used as the ultimate neutral party for inter-tribal conflict, and are typically the most knowledgeable beings in the world on all things draconic. All warlocks are shamans, not all shamans are warlocks, and you know absolutely fuck-all about their character class as a result of hearing the name.


Kash’aa Ree (Kah-SHAH-ah Ree): Humans know her only as a creator deity for lizardfolk. The Spirit Wood calls her the Mother of the Scaled Ones (lizardmen). Lizardmen revere her as the Lord of Earth, and mother of most of their kind. She is green-scaled and breathes both flames and poison gas. She is the eldest offspring of Maurgin and Ka.

Maurgin (MA-wer-GH-in): Known to humans as the deity of destruction for lizardfolk, often called Red Death. Lizardfolk actually revile Maurgin due to his hateful ways. Still, he is the Lord of Fire and the father of nearly all dragons. Was once the mate of Ka, and with her sired 30 or 40 offspring. He is said to have gone insane with pride, and slew more than half of his offspring over the eons. He seeks to rule over all the world, specifically all other dragons, then to create an army of spawn with which to conquer all else. Ka considers him redeemable, therefore so do all the others. He is an immense red dragon, who breathes fire. During his war, he had 3 allies, one of whom was slain by Ka, the other two have vanished. He now deals only with young Tyla’im who is infatuated with him and his power. He lives, and has lived forever, in Locked Door. He has not been seen by anyone, including his own spawn in many years.

Liraszzsh (LEER-azz-SH): Humans call her the Blue Witch, and think her a deity of magic and nature. They say she causes storms. She has a lair, complete with a village of human servants, in Stone Vale, but she travels between the planes at will. All druidic traditions and most elemental magic traditions trace themselves back to her. The lizardmen do not worship her (or any other dragon despite human opinion otherwise), but do call her the Master of Elements. She sits on the ruling council of the Spirit Wood. She breathes lightning, and is indeed fond of storms, though lizardmen warlocks say she doesn’t cause them. Wind blows more strongly everywhere she passes, whether she wishes it or not. She is a child of Maurgin and Ka.

Post the “return” of the ancients, she met with Dark Between and he claims that she recognized him from a previous meeting. If true, this is the only objective confirmation of the existence of the “returned” ancients from outside their own city. Lizardmen warlocks have mentioned that she often cannot tell the difference between a body and a soul, however, and may not have recognized his body.

Sahas’ralee (SAH-has-RAH-lee): Mother of many dragon spawn, including the sea devils and the black scaled lizardfolk. She is black herself, and breathes a devastating bolt of acid. She is fond of the ocean and an occasional mate of Dral’lor. Nearly all of her offspring are at least comfortable in water, and she herself prefers swamps and estuaries to solid land. She keeps herself surrounded by crocodiles if at all possible. She is a child of Kash’aa Ree and twin sister of Jet. Maurgin’s War ended when he captured her and ransomed her life to Kash’aa Ree.

Dral’Lor (Drah-ll-LORE): A sleek, long, bronze wyrm, the Lord of Water is rarely found on land. He is the father of the Sea Devils and they are his favorite race. He is also quite an explorer, perhaps even more so that Liraszzsh. He has been attached to Sahas’ralee, Liraszzsh, Jet, and even Tyla’im, but is a permanent mate of none. He is a child of Ka but it is unknown who his father was, only that it wasn’t Maurgin.

Jet: Twin sister of Sahas’ralee, she was banished long ago for slaying Kash’aa Ree’s mate, resurrecting him as an undead and seeking to end all life in the multiverse. All dragons (including Maurgin) would try to kill her on sight if they thought they stood a chance of success. In fact, all of them did, and failed, though they would happily try again given the chance. She created many subterranean races, and founded many schools of necromancy. She was the first to create dragon spawn (unless you call dinosaurs the spawn of Ka), and even the lizardmen owe their existence to Kash’aa Ree following Jet’s lead. She has not been seen since long before Maurgin went mad, and that puts it at hundreds of thousands of years before humans even came into existence. The mountains where she lived are still known as the Dragon Spawn Mountains, and only the youngest dragons will willingly lair in them. Her spawn are the most numerous, but the most animalistic. She is not known to have any significant number of sentient spawn. Her spawn are commonly referred to as Shadow Spawn.

Recently the humans of the Coral Kingdom learned that 5 of her children were living south of them in the lands that no human had ever visited. These are legitimate dragons, not just draconic spawn, and are only 700 years old. The known names of these are Glorath, Jua’khiim, and S’Sargan.

Ser’roush (SEH-err-roo-SH): Lord of Air, mate of Liraszzsh, he is a beautiful gleaming silver dragon. He used to live in the mountains near the northern wastes, but when the ancient civilization fell, he claimed one of their flying cities as his own, shrouded it in clouds, and now drifts where ever the wind takes him. He has not been seen in over a thousand years, even by Liraszzsh and Dral’lor.

Ka (KAH) aka Mother: An immense gold-scaled dragon who lives in the spirit wood. While Kash’aa Ree holds the title Lord of Earth, that is purely honorary. Ka is the true lord, she just doesn’t visit often (not since Jet’s war). Other than Maurgin, all known dragons are descended from her. She is working slowly to guide fate to redeem Maurgin and to protect her children from him. Beyond dragons, she was used as a tool by several divine beings to create most life in the world (including dinosaurs, lizards, amphibians, and even fish), and is often referred to by druids as “Mother of All” or “Earthmother”. Known to appear in many forms besides that of a dragon.

Ancient: Has crystalline, purple scales. He is one of Ka and Maurgin’s children and usually acts as a lorekeeper for the Spirit Wood’s council. Few know he exists, fewer still know he is a dragon.

Diamond: Named for his beautiful shining scales, he is the estranged mate of Tyla’im. He studies light and prisms and crystals and lives in the northern wastes. Very little is known of him even among dragons and lizardfolk. He prefers the company of golems and his own dragon spawn, to that of any other race.

Tyla’im (TEE-lah-EEM): Once the mate of Diamond, now she mostly seeks to enslave him and his spawn. Her spawn war endlessly with his and all other life in the wastes. Oddly enough, she is fascinated with lizardman warlocks and their power and is very polite and welcoming when they visit her. In turn, they often treat her with more respect than even Maurgin. She gets frustrated quickly with their attempts to sway her back into the family, as it were, but one who is not preachy can always find a welcome at her lair. Her servants, however, will try to kill or enslave any lizardman they see. Her spawn are rarely particularly intelligent, but often extremely draconic in form. Many are so similar to her that they are mistaken for her children.

Glorath: (G-lore-ATH) He has shimmering green scales, but few have seen him and survived. One of Jet’s young (about 700) children, he led an army of dragon spawn into the Elven Wood and during a pitched battle between Oblivion and three fey nobles, conquered the land they were fighting over. His very presence defiles the land in a subtle manner. Like all his siblings he is apparently immune to divination, and his spawn are famously stealthy. He is sometimes referred to as the Forest Lord.

Jua’Khiim: (wa-KEEM) Another of Jet’s young offspring, Jua’Khiim is almost identical to his mother and Sahas’ralee in appearance, but has more blue in his scales. Like his mother, his scales look like they were lacquered and have a transparent gloss over the surface. He is more comfortable under water than on land. Jua’Khiim was the first of his brood to be discovered as he sent an army of particularly fishy dragon spawn to attack the coastal settlements of the Coral Kingdom. Eventually, the Fey discovered that he was traveling with his army, but remaining under water and out of sight. They helped the humans lure him into a trap that badly wounded him and drove him off. They then beat down his armies in a series of battles, and he has not been known to leave his village of Mankiller since.

S’Sargan: (s-SARR-gan) Almost nothing is known of this child of Jet. Her name was given to the half-angel Snow by an avatar of Knowledge itself on a trip into the celestial realms. Knowledge said that she sought to “become Jet” and was “more vile than her brother Glorath”.

Others: It was known that during the war against Maurgin, a few dragons sided with him. One, copper in hue and powerful in magic, attacked Ka in her lair and was slain. Two others were banished, and have not returned. The older was not capable of flight and covered in spikes as no other dragon before or since, his name is not known among the lizardmen. It is rumored that he fled across the Western Sea, but as he was a poor flyer, this rumor seems untrustworthy. The other was a two-headed beast tied deeply to the plane of shadow and was banished to that realm. While he has not set claw back on the prime, his offspring have been seen in the elven lands far to the south. Liraszzsh and Dral’lor report that across the seas there are other dragons, but they have no interest in the goings on of the lizardmen. Diamond and Tyla’im have never met a third who was willing to live in the wastes. Ka and Ancient have met a great many in the spirit wood, though not all of them are alive.

A group of human scouts from the Coral Kingdom spied upon a group of 4 dragons holding council in Mankiller. Two of the dragons were identified as Glorath and Jua’Khiim. The other two are unknown, but it is known that S’Sargan wasn’t there, and one of the two sounded female (shimmering black-blue scales similar to Jua’Khiim’s) and one sounded male (shimmering green scales, much like Glorath’s but darker). These four dragons are all rumored to serve another, whom they call Godslayer, though the same source who named them children of Jet also claims that Godslayer serves S’Sargan. All of the human witnesses were later killed. All of these dragons appear to be immune to divination, or at least highly resistant to it.


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