Decisions, In the Raided Village, January 23


This session was very, very, very short because we remade characters using a variation of my rules mixed with the Star Wars Saga rules.

After the discovery of the creature in the basement of the Inn there was a short discussion of how to determine if it was still dangerous. Moon Circle solved this by attacking the thing with his chilling tentacles spell. It did not respond, making him feel that it was truly dead or at least inert.

A short examination of the basement showed no sign of a conflict, except for the two corpses. A barrel of corn-oil weakened by the chilling tentacles broke and spilled across the floor. After a discussion about bringing the creature’s body up and out, Leaf pretty much forced the issue of burning it. The group did manage to get enough time to scout out some rooms on the second floor of the inn and found that there had been brief fighting and much metal looted, but clearly the pygmies had not had the chance or perhaps the desire to finish taking everything. Then Leaf lit the basement on fire and everyone left.

A further examination of the town showed that the raid had only damaged about 1/3 to 1/2 of the village. Yet the whole thing was abandoned. They came in, hit just that area, and then withdrew back the way they came. The tracker found a spot where an Allosaurus passed through town and everyone stayed on alert after that.

There was a discussion about trying to track them from here, checking out a second village, or pulling back to the ranch to talk to some of the villagers who might have sought shelter there while the town remained abandoned.

Snow pushed for talking to survivors and everyone headed back toward the ranch as the Inn burned. Due to the risk of the fire spreading to the rest of town, Winter demolished the nearest structure (a small, one-room shack). The baboon-like reptiles protested the flames, but moved off to a farther part of the village. The group then prepared to head back the way they came. And that’s where we ended for the evening.


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