Decisions, The Towers and the Idiot Guards; Feb 13


So, after coming to their decision, Leaf and Winter started walking toward the nearest of the wards and proceeded to obliterate them. The front door of the shaman’s tower opened and the obviously-reanimated by a monster corpse of the ghosts alchemist appeared in it and began casting a spell. Snow tried to stop it but failed. A huge area at the base of the steps filled with an incredibly thick green fog that was burning the ground and melting the stone where it came into contact with them. At the same time, a window on the second floor opened and the shaman appeared again, this time standing on something so she was tall enough to use the window properly. She hurled a smoking skull right at the heart of the group and it hit the ground with a loud ‘CRACK’ and began spewing noxious green smoke that left Snow and Wispy sickened. The corpse immediately closed the door, and the shaman began closing the shutters on her window as well.

Dolmen got off a fast shot with his crossbow that took a small chunk out of her mask. Snow also fired at her, but only managed to hit the shutters. Moon Circle fired a blast right through and struck her dead in the chest knocking her sprawling. She stood up immediately and for a second her eyes flared with hatred as she recognized what he was. Wispy put two arrows into the shutters as well. Then the ghost teleported over to the nearest roof-top and the goop dripping from his hands formed into a large shield and javelin. He hurled that javelin and struck the enraged alchemist just under the collarbone and she collapsed out of view. He cackled, "Bitch" gleefully.

Spoon leapt onto the wall near her window in preparation for charging into the tower from the second floor. Avenger rushed to the skull, scooped it up and ran at the closed door shouldering it open. Then she hurled the still smoking skull into the the ground floor of the tower. Her hands bleeding and and herself retching, she still managed to draw one sword and stand on guard in the opening.

The four visible guardian creatures all jumped down from their wall perches. And a loud series of pounding began on the outer gate.

The fog was so thick that Winder and Leaf couldn’t even see each other from 10-feet apart. Winter, knowing the steps were just to her right, used one of her magical items to teleport up into the air and over to the right. She missed the stairs by a little-bit, but was able to catch herself without any difficulty. Leaf had to fight though the fog which was clinging and restraining with as much force as if it were made of sponge, and powerfully acidic. He fought his way to the side of the steps and then began using his boots to muscle his way up the stone.

Spoon flipped through the open window and into the tower. A male voice was heard to scream once. The Ghost followed her in, teleporting again. Avenger drew her second sword, recovered from her nausea and stood a more determined guard at the open door. Wispy turned to his whirlwind form and took up a position where he could support both Avenger and Snow. Snow backed up, sheathed her crossbow and pulled out her sword. Blinky (previously referred to as "the little angel") flew up to Winter and blessed her with his little protective force-field. Leaf kept climbing and got high enough that he could see the top of the "fog", but he didn’t manage to get out of it.

Spoon was attacked by one of the horrid tentacle monsters that possess bodies. It faded into view just to her left rushed at her and very visibly forced itself past her magical wards. Then it latched on with some nasty claws, but didn’t manage to pierce her armor. Before anyone could react, it struck her again, nearly driving one of those venomed spines into her chest as had happened to Leaf earlier. It also began to burrow into her stomach.

Winter came down from the stairs rushing the guards and positioning herself where if they moved at all, she could pummel them. Leaf got out of the fog, charged down the temple’s side and struck the tentacle monster attached to Snow. Dolmen took a shot at the approaching guards, but in a rare moment of carelessness, missed. Wispy fired a powerful biting wind into the tentacle beast. Snow warded herself with the divine blessing of freedom and stepped out of the creature’s embrace. Avenger abandoned the doorway and lashed at it with both swords, but barely manged to harm it. Moon Circle moved back from it and hit it with a blast of energy.

The guards all rushed forward as fast as they could, and quickly everyone realized that they were completely ignoring the entirety of the battle and converging on Moon Circle. Two of them getting almost within arms reach of him. One was unable to charge him as it was struck down by Winter when it turned it’s back on her, and a second made it past Leaf, but not without savage cuts across its side. The four outside the gate continued to pound away, and the sound of the iron-reinforced wood cracking was not comforting.

The abomination squirmed away from Leaf and behind the farthest back of the helmeted guard things. A white energy coalesced out of the air at its fangy mouth and then blasted out in a wide line striking two of the creatures and Leaf and Moon Circle. The guard that Leaf had struck was barely able to stand after the blast, though Moon Circle and Leaf avoided the worst of it, both were extremely concerned about how powerful it had been.

With two creatures nearly on him, Moon Circle moved up the stairs and summoned his black tentacles to pin down the two nearest so they couldn’t reach him. Dolmen fired at the third and struck it through the bronze belt, throwing off a cloud of acid from his pygmy-made alchemical bolt. Wispy maneuvered and blasted both the abomination and the guard that Dolmen had shot. Avenger moved to hit the tentacled-abomination but again, her weapons were barely able to harm it. Snow struck with her sword to a bit more effect than her servants. Leaf stepped up with steely determination and brutally impaled it on his blade, though it didn’t go down. Winter rushed over from where she had struck down one of the guard creatures and took down the last one from behind. Blinky took some pot-shots at the tentacled beast and managed to singe its hide.

The creature attacked Leaf, but he avoided its strike and felled it with a swift riposte. Spoon emerged from the tower and announced that the Ghost was gone and the tower empty. The giant cloud of acidic fog sank into the ground and faded.

Most of the group made their way to positions where they could fire down on the four guard creatures still trying to get into the village through the gate, and with the aid of Moon Circles tentacles the creatures were felled before they could manage to break in.

Looting commenced, as we ended for the evening.


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