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A number of people have asked about the list of Webcomics that I read. Below is a partial list with little or no sorting. I’ll clean this up over time and add the rest, so check back from time to time. I’ll also be adding descriptions. Until I get things cleaned, be warned that I have eclectic tastes and a few of these are not safe for work. I am quite picky on my stories and you will find that if you give these a chance, they will all reward you.

If I can make some safe suggestions that many of you have never seen. I’m not saying these are the best of the best, but I am saying that most of you will never have heard of these before and that they are very good:
Flipside: Fantasy (some nudity, updates 1 big page weekly)
Darths & Droids: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Roleplaying Games (Updates Tuesday and Thursday)
Requiem: Sci-Fi, Drama (updates every weekday)
Gunnerkrigg Court: Drama, Sci-Fi, some steampunk-ish elements (updates weekly)

Now, the best of the best:
Platinum Grit:
Comedy, Modern Urban Fantasy (updates 1 chapter of up to 98 pages per
year) There are 19 of them, 20 is in the works now, and they are hands
down the best writing I know of in the comic format. I’m including the
Dark Knight Returns, Elfquest and Calvin and Hobbes as comics when I
say that Platinum Grit is the best writing I know of. Your only regret
will be the inability to read new ones more often. Trudy can make "Kate says ‘Hi’" into somethat that makes you do a spit take purely by virtue of character development and timing. Amd the expressions are wonderous.

The rest you’ll have to take risks with. Muhahaha.

Ok, I’ll give you one warning: Jack is possibly the best thought out and best written exploration of redemption I’ve seen in years. But it is mostly set in hell and treats the subject of eternal torment realistically and it does not pull its punches. It also features furries (and humans, though very few). If you can handle it, the art is above average, the plot is among the best, the metaphysics are solid, and the characters are brilliantly envisioned. If you think you’re interested in that one, try A Dinner at Arloest’s as a starter. None of the characters need an introduction, because none of them have ever appeared in the comic before, except teh Grim Reaper and the Sin of Lust. And if you need an introduction to those two archetypes you’re in for a world of hurt in my PBeM campaign. This is a "mild" story in Jack’s world. There are only a few with less extreme themes, though quite a few have more upbeat endings. Other than Platinum Grit, this is the best writing I’ve found anywhere.


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