Character Generation

  • You get two extra points to spend on stats
  • All characters begin at 11th level
  • All characters begin with 44,000gp (money equal to 2 items of 12th level and 2 items of 11th level) spend it on anything you want from any source (though if I don’t have the source I might question it)
  • Ignore most rules for class skills. If your class forces you to select a skill, you are still forced to take that skill. You may spend your free skills on anything you want. All characters get a +1 bonus to all skills listed as a class skill for their class (if you are a hybrid you get the bonus only to the list from the class whose class feature you selected, not for both)
  • Multiclass feats that grant a skill must have that skill chosen from the class list as normal
  • Skill Focus Feat: Ignore the listed bonus. I will create a custom utility power (either encounter or daily) instead. If anyone is interested in this leave a comment and we will work something out. Keep it public for now since the ideas might inspire others.
  • Ignore all mechanics except retraining that involve "swapping" a power. Instead, when you get to that level you pick a new one. Follow all rules as per Wizard Spell books for knowing how to handle having more powers than you can use in one encounter. Ask questions if you don’t understand, but it should be pretty obvious.
  • Halflings may not use any primal, arcane, or divine class; may not multiclass or hybrid into such classes; and may not take paragon paths that grant arcane, divine, or primal powers.

Story Points
In order to enhance the story telling nature of the email game compared to a normal table-top experience, each character will get a number of points to spend that give limited DM powers to the player primarily for the purposes of retconning what I write. These will also assist because you will not have the brains and resources of a full party backing your character up, and instead must strugle through with the help of NPCs and your own limits. I’m still working this out and will edit this entry as I get more details. A quick example is: spending points to add or remove objects, details, etc from a room. Spending points to change a relationship between characters. Spending points to edit history of an NPC. Spending points to fudge a die roll. Spending points to alter a combat encounter, skill challenge, or hazard. Expect the costs to fluctuate wildly in the beginning, my goal is for you to feel like you don’t have enough, but for you to use them in small ways very commonly. As a specific example, lets say that you challenge someone to a duel because you thought that he was supporting a rival of yours. You learn that he was not, you the player misunderstood something written earlier (not the fault of a bad die roll). You could possibly retcon the earlier clue such that it did refer to this NPC or retcon this NPC to actually be involved (very expensive, might be too expensive to be possible) or you could change the terms of the duel to non-lethal, or even to a challenge of a non-violent sort (such as a hunt, or a race, or other contest). Another example, if you come to a skill challenge and are with an NPC who does not have defined skills, you could spend some points to define that character as having training in a needed skill. Cost would vary based on how reasonable the skill is for that NPC. Another example, you are making a dramatic entrance to a room and there is a rival for the audience’s attention standing on a table giving a speech. You retcon the speach to have a dramatic pause at the exact point you want, not at the point I said the pause occurred (gives you the opportunity to make a great pun, or witty interruption, etc). Or could even have a leg give way on the table spilling the speaker, or alter the mood of the crowd. The idea is that thesea re a roleplaying tool, not a weapon or combat resource, you have action points for that.


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