So, I am revisiting this old archive of mine to rebuild it and use it for a couple of purposes.

First off, I’m looking to get back into the world of D&D with a new campaign. I’m going back to an old setting of mine I named Home (inspired by Elfquest’s naming their world simply “abode” and our Earth basically meaning “dirt” or “that stuff we walk on” instead of some fancy schmancy unpronounceable gibberish that is supposed to sound cool but is really pretentious). I have run many campaigns in Home over the years, and it is a place with very weird Karma. Still I like it best of everywhere I’ve played so there it will be. I am hoping to run this game via Skype so friends around the county can participate. Might end up being PbEM however if I can’t get Skype to work out.

Second, I have become a huge City of Heroes addict. It is, in my not at all humble opinion, the best MMO on the market today. Certainly the graphics are not up to the standards of the best, and there are only about 150,000 active players, however it has the best mechanics, the best stories, and it is the most positive game I know of. The character generator is the second most detailed and free-form ever created (All Points Bulletin has a better one but that’s it, the game itself is not so hot). There is new content weekly, and it has a very dedicated team of developers who actually participate in the game in character. I’ve played WoW, I gave Star Wars a many-month trial, and I’ve played quite a few others. But I always come back to the City. However, I need somewhere to dump my character builds that I can view them easily, so I’ll be putting them here and viewing them in game on my Kindle. I might come up with something else to go here too but who knows.

Last, I need to get back in the habit of writing in general. I’ve been quite lazy about that and I have a horrible loss of typing speed and many more typos that I used o have as a result. Yes I write for work, but it’s all forms, so the actual free-form many page creative writing is what dropped off and what I want to get back into. May toss out random stories or descriptions or even poems set in one of my settings or just random crap, who knows.

And that’s the news from Lake Wobbegone. Or something like that.


About GavinRuneblade

I'm a gamer. Currently in Star Trek Online. RIP City of Heroes, I'll never forget you. Check out they rock.
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