Setting and notes for the 4e One-Off Adventure

I couldn’t fit this into a post at Meetup, so here it is:

Setting: A kingdom until the last 100 years ruled by vampires (name Thitstir), now there are only 9 left and they are cursed and unable to make any more. Nobles are in conflict to take control of the kingdom (the remaining vamps have prevented any overall government from forming), and the kingdom is at risk of invasion from two neighbors, both still ruled by powerful monsters. The one we care about is Webith’Corr, a swamp and jungle infested with magical spiders who manipulate fate and draw all the entropy from across the world into their webs to feed on and to convert to magical power that thy use to empower the forces of evil across the world.

One Noble sends party to gain alliance with witch of the Southern Moor. Party has learned that she lives in the shadowfell and has travelled there to meet her. She said that she owes the prince a debt, but will only pay it back the way he wants if she thinks he can win his conflict. If he cannot win, she will save him in a manner that he may not like, but that still repays her debt to him. To prove they have what it takes she sets the party a test: there are two great spiders in conflict over a nearby site of power. The party must give control to one or the other, she will decide based on this which way to help the noble.

For the purpose of this play test session, the party has already selected one of the two and has determined to kill the second. The test is the journey to her lair and battle with her.

Please note: This is not Shelob or anything like her. This is more like a Native American Shamanic Spider crossed with the Three Norns aka Fates aka Wyrd Sisters. She is big, yes, and will bite you and poison you. But she is first and foremost a magical being capable of controlling and shaping fate.

The final battle with her will be fought in two places at once: on a physical battlefield where her body is attacked and in a magical realm where her influence—her “web”—has to be torn down piece-by-piece in order for her body to become vulnerable. At least one player has to have divination magic. Can be arcane, divine, natural or even psionic doesn’t matter and if this character is a leader the party will need to have a second one or they will almost certainly die. This character will be engaged in a solo encounter on its initiative but able to borrow abilities and actions from the rest of the team. Meanwhile, the team will have to protect the character’s body as it is sitting in the “helpless” condition in the back of the room during the fight.

Please don’t comment here, rather only over at meetup so it’s all in one place.


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