4e Thit-Stir Campaign Character Creation Notes

So, for the players of my next campaign, to be run online via skype and other tools, here are the basics of the story, the setting and character creation:

Character Creation:

Level 12, you get one level 13, 12, and 11 item and level appropriate gold. I recommend using the “buy gear for me” button then “refund 100%” everything it buys and instead spend it all as cash yourself. That’s the fastest way.

Activate the inherent bonuses.

Humans, halflings, shadar-kai, shades, revenant’s, kalashtar and devas may spend stat points until they show -2 in the point buy system. All other races pickup the “fey” keyword and activate the dark sun options (you get an at will psychic cantrip).

Several of the strikers will get buffs because without them they fall catastrophically behind at paragon level (for example, vampires) if this is relevant it will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. For the record, rangers, slayers, rogues, avengers and warlocks are not covered by this as they perform just fine at all tiers.

You may not begin with more than one “Alternative Reward”. Do watch how many daily item powers you pick as I do follow the rules of only 1 daily item power activation per milestone.

Evil alignment is completely forbidden. Greedy, selfish, chaotic, destructive or disruptive personalities are completely forbidden. You don’t have to be “good” or “lawful” but you cannot be a jackass. This setting has karma, I have let people play evil in the past. I don’t need to do anything about it, the dice will screw you over. Trust me, I’ve seen it over and over, and the players feel cursed and I don’t have to do anything.


For those who are familiar with my DMing history this is my longest running setting named “home”. It is mostly based on a story from Hindu Mythology of the man-lion avatar of Visnu named Narasimha. This is combined with elements similar to Ravenloft and the Anime Slayers though the setting and these concepts predate slayers and grew out of Mystara rather than Ravenloft since I didn’t know about ravenloft until after my first campain in home.

Essentially, the world is carved up into many territories each ruled over by a supremely powerful monster that is bound to the land and the territory expresses the negativity that monster represents. For example, the territory I have run adventures in most is Lyric, the monster is Dischord and the land is both physically and spiritually a reflection of the oscillations of music, highs and lows, but since it’s negative always with a downward trend.

There is a powerful royal family descended from a woman who saved the world from Narasimha’s wrath after he killed the great demon. All mortals have sword to serve them through all time for all generations. Breaking the Oath of Fealty carries sever gaming penalties and is functionally impossible. The royal family are nearly divine (Kalashtar and Devas for game mechanics).


This adventure is set in the territory of Thit’Stir which is one of only two territories wholly free of monsters as theirs was killed. The Monster was known as the Blood Lord and was a mighty vampire. With his death no new vampires can be created. Over the years since then most have been hunted down and killed. Only 9 (10 but no one talks about the 10th) remain. They are the main villains. The vampiric dragon is attempting to bring the Blood Lord back. Three wishes were used to keep him dead and the words recorded in a great book with asbestos pages and molten gold for ink. The dragon cursed the book and the pages have been scattered. He seeks to collect all of them so he knows the exact words used in the wishes and can find a loophole. The vampiric unicorn seeks to take the Blood Lord’s place and bind the land to himself (I may later change this to a she, but not sure), and he is seeking rituals of power to make this happen. The Vampiric Werewolf is simply seeking to conquer the land with an army and rule it. Each has two humanoid traditional vampires as servants making three factions of three.

The players are working to assist a prince who is trying to free the land from all the vampires and make it truly free. All characters will begin having already known this guy for a minimum of a year and having a positive impression of him and wanting to help him (your reasons are fully up to you). Anyone that i a lycanthrope of any kind has special rules that we’ll discuss separately.

To the west is the ocean, nothing anyone knows lies out there. South is the Monster ruled land of Imbilot “Immobility” sloth, lethargy, etc. It is a land of mountains and the Monster ruler is a great earth elemental. To the north is Webith’Corr “Web in the corner” where native american styled spider spirits duel to manipulate fate and guide the world either to ruin and suffering or to freedom from the Monsters. It is ruled by the Lady of the Web, one of the greatest of the evil spiders. Note, this world has absolutely no analog to Lolth, and drow are based off of the Mystarran Schattenaelfen. Webith’Corr is a swamp with virtually no humanoid inhabitants except on the coastline. To the east is Jer’li the land of the dead and the most dangerous place in existence. It is virtually hell. living things of all kinds (plants, animals, sentient beings) only exist on farms, are forcibly bred and upon reaching maturity are either killed and fed on by undead or turned into them. It is based on some stories from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, some Zoroastrian myths and some folk tales. It is two river valleys in a very deep canyon, with mountains all over. The Monster Lord is a mighty lich who I really wish I had read about Azalin from Ravenloft before I designed him because Azalin is cooler. He is named Jer’li just like the land.




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