5e Backgrounds from PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk for Mystara Campaign

I adapted these from the Tall Tales book using the guidelines in the Players Handbook for custom backgrounds.

Agent of the Dreamlands

Second Sight: See through Invisibility to Mortals. Advantage on perception tests vs invisibility, polymorph, shapeshifting, and divination.

Skills: Perception, Performance

Langauge: Elven or Draconic

Choose any one Tool proficiency

Fey Trickster (Requires Fey subtype, eg Elf, Half Elf, Gnome, Pixie, Sprite, Imp, Brownie, Etc)

Confuse Magic: Chance to use forbidden items and trigger or alter existing magic in random ways.

Success: 1-10 (item or magic works as intended), Failure 11-89 (item or magic does nothing different than it currently is doing), Backfire 90-96 (item or magic misfunctions directing its results against an unintended target, typically the worst possible, for example a wand of fireballs might noly blow up itself and the user a shield spell might protect the caster’s enemy or a nearby tree, Unexpected Result 97-100 (DM Discretion, rough guideline, 1 or 2 helpful, 3 or 4 harmful, 5 or 6 amusing but indifferent); % chance gets slightly more favorable at higher levels.

Skills: Persuasion, Deception

Choose any two tool proficiencies


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One Response to 5e Backgrounds from PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk for Mystara Campaign

  1. Jimmy Alcorn says:

    Fey Beast Rider

    Skill Proficiency: Animal Handling and Nature

    Equipment: Saddle

    Feature: Mounted Combat

    Tool Proficiency: Barding

    Beast Rider: All attacks of opportunity provoked by mounted movement have disadvantage

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