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Mostly a group of elves, humans, half-elves, shifters, halflings, and half-orcs the Hunters are those people who accepted the Werewolf’s offer to become Hunter Gatherers. A few clans claim that they have always been Hunters and never were enslaved by the … Continue reading

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Monsters, capital M

Monsters Monsters, with a capital M, are different from generic monsters like ogres and griffons and beholders. They are immortals, mostly primal spirits who attempted to create a “sixth sphere” with The Demon as hierarch. For convenience and clarity, what … Continue reading

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Introduction to the world of Home

Connection to other DND Universes Home shares most of its deities/immortals with the DND Setting of Mystara, which itself is an evolution of one of the two original DND Settings Blackmoor (the other being Greyhawk). The multiverse is defined using … Continue reading

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Basic DND Immortals in 4e & 5e

This is mostly aimed at my Home campaign, but also covers some ideas that fit into the Mystara game. Most of the core ideas come from the old “gold box” Basic DND Immortal-level rules for player-character deities, written by Frank … Continue reading

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Trying to update my page to GavinRuneblade handle

So, I realized that I’ve been using GavinRuneblade as my gaming handle pretty exclusively and I want to update this page to reflect it. Not sure how to go about that in WordPress, but working on it. Also, I have … Continue reading

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