Mystara Summary – The Story So Far

Slaves Escape
Meet Emperor on the road
The Sun isn’t moving
This isn’t Thyatis
Dragon attacking the town/fort
((( End Level 1 ))))

People were taken
Tracking the raiders
Freeing the prisoners and infiltrating the camp
Getting priestly help (primordial temple)
Destroying the camp
Coming to terms with a half-dragon and killing the local cult leader
Saving a dragon egg from the camp
Tracking those who left
Return to the fort
((( End Level 2 )))

Sailing across the lake
Meeting the crime boss and rescuing a princess for the lake king
Killing the wereboar
Back to the lake fortress
((( End Level 3 )))

Save the hsiao egg
Journey to Wood Imp valley
Ambush the imp patrol
Watch the valley and find the correct cavern and tribe
Raid the cave
Learn neogi are involved again
Trigger the gate and end up on a neogi ship in the nightmare realm
Get control of the ship
Where is the egg
Battle in the church
Escape back to normal world
Fly into hollow world and dodge skyships at the south pole
Land under the lake king’s lake
Escort the egg home to “Serraine” with two pegatars
((( End level 4 )))

Meet the skygnomes
Customs office and visitor pass
Keep Willow’s dragon egg safe in a cloud giant’s tower
Tour of Serraine
Permission to stay long-term
Fly to the Atruaghn Clan territory
Finding Rolane
Meeting De’ath
Tabi are way too sneaky and annoying
Hunting a basilisk
Why haven’t we killed De’ath yet
Raiding the Minrothad Governor’s hunting lodge
Coming to terms with a cult leader
No really, why is De’ath still alive
Flying back to Serraine
((( end level 5 )))

Lew gets arrested
Lew gets challenged to a duel
Lew goes shopping anyway
Everyone is broke but has new shiny gear
Lew wins the duel thanks to cheating gnomes and a dumb elf
Willow’s egg-hatching party


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