Learning Campaign Cartographer

I am working my way through the Tome of Ultimate Mapping by ProFantasy as a way to learn Campaign Cartographer 3+. My goal is to be able to use it for all my future campaigns to create better maps than pulling ones off random internet searches.

Thanks to my players for help paying for the software.

First test was the tutorial in the Tome, creating an island. I slacked off on the text labels, but did most of the rest. I encountered one bug with the scale icons having white backgrounds not transparent so I need to report that to ProFantasy and figure out a workaround or if I was doing something wrong how to fix it.

Anyway, my next effort will be making a crude world map of Home so I can show where all the different countries are and link them to the older blog post with the description of the Monster Lords. Then do a variation with the path that the party from my most recent campaign took.

Finally, I will make a map of Kentarre and the surrounding territories for my newest campaign, MAGI.

Here’s my tutorial map.

Gav's crappy first draft of an island per the Tome of Ultimate Mapping tutorial

Not great but not horrid either.

Update: And here’s my map of Home. I have retroactively added it to the relevant older blogs.


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