Updated Hag Stats

Translating a 4e Vampire into 5e is not easy. Fortunately, the Vampire was only a Kludge to create the mechanics that best represented a Hag as a PC. In 5e there are better fits. This version uses a druid as the base, but customizes the spell list to better approximate a forest witch from old faerie tales. The wildshape no longer grants only animal forms, but also Hag form (roughly a brown bear at level 3, will get stronger at higher levels).

Combined with disguise self to make an illusion of beauty, this allows all the fun lugging around heavy objects as if they were weightless etc. And the combo of charm person and hold person still work the traditional enchantments into the build.

Shillelagh combined with a few other combat spells and hag form explain how she can protect the graveyard from undead all by herself.

And when she needs to be creepy, she has fog cloud, minor illusion, faerie fire, misty step, and pass without trace.

5e Character, Fantasy Grounds Compatible: Level 3, Druid of the Land, Uses Half-Orc as race to get the right stats

Original long story: The Hag.



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I'm a gamer. Currently in Darkness Rises, Star Wars the Old Republic and Fantasy Grounds for D&D. RIP City of Heroes, I'll never forget you. Check out www.thecaperadio.com they rock.
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