Updated Redheaded Step-child

By request, this version emphasizes the magic and is a level 1 barbarian, level 2 wizard/witch.

To make a Vryloka, I started with a human and added blood dependency, necrotic resistance, grim harvest (steal life from enemies) and counting as both living and undead.

Kludge I just remade as an ability for free and stuck it on the sheet, since that was an integral part of the character.

Stats are balanced more than focused, but she still has high str and int so both spells and melee are viable. She has spells that buff her melee and a few rituals. For weapons, she still has all the axes.

Download Fantasy Grounds Character File: Vryloka Barbarian/Wizard.


About GavinRuneblade

I'm a gamer. Currently in Darkness Rises, Star Wars the Old Republic and Fantasy Grounds for D&D. RIP City of Heroes, I'll never forget you. Check out www.thecaperadio.com they rock.
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