Caer Rothi, Domain Rough


Here is a rough draft of the Shapeshifter’s domain, Caer Rothi, the Rider’s Fort. I can’t get text to stay on the banner yet, not sure why. I suspect there’s like 9 copies of the name underneath it. Meh. I’ll figure it out eventually.

The territory he controls spans 12 “hexes” or 288 square miles, which is not too bad. Druid Grove up north, don’t leave the trail when heading to his hut. Golden tree marks a special resource, in that case bonus lumber, and the horses in the field are what the area is famous for. Most notably, they breed and train warhorses for the knights in town.

He has one small town, Rothi itself, three hamlets of less than 80 people, and one Thorpe (20 people). Plus two hardy families have isolated farms that might one day grow into hamlets. The watch towers belong to the local Baron and are intended, along with his fort, to protect the horses. Nearby hills and out across the grasslands are unsafe areas where battles with Hunters and other dangerous creatures are common. The hills in particular are deadly. Hence the older fort, Ladran, is now in ruins and haunted and unsafe to rebuild. The green stepped hills mark the sites of Faerie mounds, both allied with local Hunter tribes, hence the battles in the area.

A spreadsheet with information on all the settlements and the whole domain is found in my shared folder, but it is messy and I need to devise a better way to present and track the information.

His Barron and Count provide troops for the fort, plus the majority of the troops’ upkeep. Nevertheless as an undeveloped area, this estate is expensive to maintain.

His troops include one cohort of infantry, 100 soldiers and 20 archers, plus 26 cavalry scouts. These troops have a Captain and Lieutenant whose loyalty is to the Count, but who are good soldiers and have never challenged orders from Sir Bel. Bel has his own group of 15 men-at-arms who are loyal to him, though 1 stays at Capall’og to act as constable, and two more are at each of the hamlets for the same reason.

In addition to the stable and its horse lineages, the hamlet of Poleens has a famous trainer, third in his family to serve at this Caer on behest of the Storm knights (Fame +1, stacks with the fame of the stables). Because of the military presence and to make the locals feel a little more at peace, tradition has let Rothi town be ruled by a council of 7 members of the local community, with the Lord of Caer Rothi as the head of the council as well as absolute military ruler of the fort and surrounding lands (Counsil = +2 Society, -1 Law, -1 Lore) . Each of the hamlets has a burgher appointed by Sir Bel, who just kept the previously existing ones when he received the lordship (no mod for autocrat). The large local presence of soldiers with cash pay from the county means a lot of wasteful spending happens in town, but the officers and troops keep everyone in line most of the time (+1 economy, +1 corruption, +1 law). Sraheens has the only smithy in the area and thus gets unusually high traffic for such a small settlement (+1 productivity). The rich lumber near the druid’s grove brings Dereens huge benefits (+2 economy, +2 stability, +2 productivity, and a further +1 economy to the domain as a whole). The previous lord expanded the local mill with a second, some distance from the hamlet, which is a bit vulnerable to Hunters, but worth the risk so far (+1 stability, +1 BP/turn = ~2,000 gp/month). Sir Bel has one man-at-arms stationed at the mill for protection.

The downside of all this is that Rothi Estate is functionally impossible to truly control (DC 37 control checks with a max bonus of 13 from stability means it requires an impossible 24 on d20 to enforce an edict from the ruler), but it runs just fine on autopilot and has been extremely stable for generations. If the population expanded and the hamlets grew into villages, and especially if Rothi town grew large enough to support buildings that could take advantage of all the soldier’s money, then it could become an ideal estate: both prosperous and controllable. To start out, however, it dearly needs more farms to support the local population without relying on food shipments from the Count.

The estate lies at the west edge of the Barony of Aedo, which itself covers the whole west and south of County Chaisil. The Barron is named Cremthanin, and the Count has two other Barrons plus several estates under him. Cremthanin doesn’t have a champion but is himself a reknowned warrior. Caer Rothi and Caer Chasil are the only forts in the County, giving Sir Bel rather more leverage politically than an estate lord usually holds. Each of the other barrons have several watchtowers (Cremthanin has four, two right at the edge of Rothi). Also, only the two Caer’s have standing armies maintained at full fighting strength. The Count’s champion is a spear fighter named Byrne.

Sir Bel answers to Barron Cremthanin for any political or land-related issues. However the Estate is technically held by the Storm Knights, so for anything relating to the Caer itself, he answers only to his own Knight Commander. When granted the title over the estate, Sir Bel swore loyalty not to the Barron, but to Count Chaisil, and agreed to honor the commands of the Barron, but this divided loyalty gives him great freedom of action locally. Most commonly, Sir Bel leaves the Caer under the command of Captain Wolffe and lets the Council run the Town and everything operates effortlessly.


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