MAGI Plots in Progress

To keep everyone on the same page, here are the plot lines that have been encountered or triggered in play:

  • Trouble’s trouble
    • Cult of the Hulks
  • Restore MAGI
    • Reeve of Lyric
  • Fae civil war (South of Caer Rothi, undead come back to life to claim kingdom from brother)
    • Failing of Graveyard Wards
  • Sunken Citadel
  • Insane Island
  • New Kingdom under Kentarre City


And these are the short summaries of the character backstories in progress (with Trouble’s already noted above):

  • Inshushinak’s host body’s quest
  • Arianwyn’s missing vaults
  • Vashti’s dead aunt
  • Jacques’ trade empire
  • Bel’s changeling status
  • Ruddy’s pirates

If there are any missing let me know and I’ll get them added to the list.


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I'm a gamer. Currently in Darkness Rises, Star Wars the Old Republic and Fantasy Grounds for D&D. RIP City of Heroes, I'll never forget you. Check out they rock.
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