Retcon: God Kings

So, Home’s major point of uniqueness was the Monster Lords. These were evil deities who bonded their souls to the world. This was inspired by Tolkien’s posthumously published Morgoth’s Ring. I differentiated them by using the capital M for Monster vs monster.

Players always seemed to be a little bit confused by this. First you can’t really hear a capital letter. Second, it is called a monster and people have a reasonable expectation in roleplaying games that they can kill monsters. This goes beyond “don’t give it hp if you don’t want the players to kill it” rule. The game is very literally about killing monsters and saving the world. Naming the gods monsters was incorrectly suggesting players should expect to be able to kill them. Finally, it made new players feel like the Monster Lords were not actually gods. And that was really a big problem.

So, I am renaming them God Kings. This has several advantages. First, God is right there in the name. If you fuck with them, you totally deserve all the horrible things that happen to you. Second, monster is gone so the confusion is gone. Finally, it fits with the bronze-age setting.

Yup, that’s all. Short one.

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