So this is my archive of gaming stuff. Mostly campaign notes for Dungeons and Dragons. I have bits of three campaigns ranging from 3rd edition, through 4th.

Online I can be found on the Dungeons and Dragons official pages, Deviant Art, and many web comics as Khamya9, and in City of Heroes, Champions, Star Trek Online and Black Desert Online as Gavin Runeblade.

I’ve been playing D&D since before I could read, as some of my baby sitters taught me as a way of keeping me quiet. I’ve played every version from the original (I don’t mean “1st Edition” I mean the blue pamphlets) through the playtesting of 5th aka “D&D Next”. I am currently DMing two campaigns, one set in my own campaign world I call Home using 4th edition rules and Roll20.net for the table; the other set in Mystara but using the 5th edition rules and the FantasyGrounds electronic table.

Other random things end up here, such as links to my web comics, probably TV shows I plan to keep track of, and I’ll be adding notes from one-off games I play outside of my own campaigns.

Now, go listen to some Abney Park and buy their music because they deserve it.


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