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I'm a gamer. Currently in Star Wars the Old Republic and Fantasy Grounds for D&D. RIP City of Heroes, I'll never forget you. Check out they rock.

Adventure Report – MAGI and the Mercenaries

Overview Cast: Trouble (Blaspheme), Jacques (Werepanther), Arianwyn (Bane Sidhe), Ashoka (Hag), Sir Bel (Changeling) and the NPC Esmerelda (Noble Bard). DMing: Gavin Runeblade. DM’s Resources: Shackles of Blood (villains, maps, enemies), Beauty and Blood (Esmerelda), Volo’s Guide to Monsters (enemies). … Continue reading

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Trying to Cosmopolitonize Kentarre

As the campaign has progressed one thing I’ve been feeling has been missing is the sense of Kentarre as the center of the world. My intention was for it to be inspired by London, Rome, New York, British Hong Kong, … Continue reading

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Domains Month 1 of MAGI

Writing this post has reminded me I really need to create a calendar system for Home. >.< Updates and downtime for major characters (PC and NPC): Rudy’s pirates continue to have moderate success pulling in steady income. The increase in … Continue reading

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MAGI Plots in Progress

To keep everyone on the same page, here are the plot lines that have been encountered or triggered in play: Trouble’s trouble Cult of the Hulks Restore MAGI Reeve of Lyric Fae civil war (South of Caer Rothi, undead come … Continue reading

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Caer Rothi, Domain Rough

Here is a rough draft of the Shapeshifter’s domain, Caer Rothi, the Rider’s Fort. I can’t get text to stay on the banner yet, not sure why. I suspect there’s like 9 copies of the name underneath it. Meh. I’ll … Continue reading

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Map of Home vs Pangea

My world is based on pangea with one supercontinent holding nearly all the land mass. Here is my map for MAGI with all the possible PCs’ lands compared to pangea if it were oriented similarly.   So, the Werepanther Jacques’ … Continue reading

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All Magi Characters, Final Versions

Arianwyn Ash Bel Inshushinak Jacques Rudy Trouble   Everyone should also be able to find their characters in the “manage characters” tool in Fantasy Grounds even when the campaign is offline.

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